About GPA
Our mission is to provide youth sports photographers with the very best,
innovative sports photo products and lab services to help them succeed in a competitive market.

We practice a philosophy of close partnership with our clients,
sharing new marketing strategies as well as continually developing sales aids,
leading edge sports photo products, and better services.
GPA fulfills its mission with:

Photo Products
Our photo products feature excellent color quality, hi-tech photographic imaging, and eye-catching graphics.
Advanced Production Methods
Our system helps you maximize your time and effort, and our dependable delivery is something you can always count on.
Impressive Marketing and Sales Support We provide youth sports photographers with professionally designed marketing materials and combine it with the experience and knowledge that keeps GPA and its clients in the forefront of the youth sports photography industry.
GPA History:
GPA's history has been one of consistent growth spurred by innovation and the determination to do the best job possible in helping our clients meet and exceed the expectations of their customers.

In 1972 the company was founded (under a different name) by John McLaughlin in California. At that time the company consisted of both a lab and a retail operation. The business grew steadily, and in 1983 over 100,000 player pictures were being photographed and processed annually.

After the 1983 season, John decided to focus on the wholesale side of the business and set his sights on becoming the premier youth sports photo lab of the nation. Group Photographers Association was subsequently born in 1984.

GPA moved to Liberty Lake, Washington in 1993. Our business continued to expand and we again moved into a larger facility in the Summer of 2001. From our first move to Spokane in 1993, the number of families served by GPA photographers has quadrupled to over 1.5 million.

Throughout its history, GPA has revolutionized the youth sports photography industry by introducing exciting new products. Group Photo was one of the first companies to come out with a trading card for youth sports league players, and pioneered the concept of the fully personalized, digitally produced trading card!

GPA was the first to custom foil stamp photo mounts with league logos, and one of the few companies to offer direct mailing of photo packages to parents' homes.

Today, GPA continues to develop exciting new products and services for youth sport photographers who are dedicated to building successful businesses. We look forward to meeting the challenges of the market in the 21st century, and plan to continue our history of innovation and growth in youth sports photography.